We are just three days away from the Super Bowl of pro wrestling – Wrestlemania 33. And of course there have been many of them, 32 to be exact. There have been some great moments along the way – Hulk Hogan body slamming Andre the Giant, Shawn Michael and Razor Roman competing in the first-ever ladder match and the instant classic match between Brett Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin. These were all awesome moments that went down in wrestling lore. But what about the endings to each show?

There has been a fair share of great endings to the show, and afterall, those are what we remember most – what closes the show – because the final match is usually the most important one and is supposed to be the best. In this video made by MAH Mania, they breakdown the top 10 endings to past Wrestlemanias? Who was No. 1? Watch the video to find out!

10 Greatest Endings To A Wrestlemania

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