OK, I know you might read the title of this video and think that this is a legitimate lost episode of Total Bellas. If you got mislead by it, I apologize. However, you should stick around to watch this WWE video! This skit aired on SMACKDOWN! and The Miz showed a parody of the show Total Bellas as he played the role of John Cena and Daniel Bryan while his wife Maryse played the Bella twins.

In this hilarious skit, The Miz makes fun of John Cena’s “house rules” and the procrastination of him proposing to Nikki Bella and Maryse continuely gets let down by every gift you can think of other than a wedding ring. The Miz is one of the few true heels the company has and after three videos of the lost episodes and poking fun at the WWE power couple, he and Maryse send a powerful and serious message to Cena and Bella.

Lost Episode of Total Bellas

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