It was just six days away from Wrestlemania and Roman Reigns did an admirable job hyping up his match with The Undertaker. Reigns is someone who has been struggling getting over with the crowd. He often gets booed when he comes to the ring. Who can forget the booming, relentless boos he got when it was revealed that he was the No. 30 entrant of the Royal Rumble? And this is supposed to be the top face of the company in the future?

Well he teased that the WWE might be headed in a different direction with him. On the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw, he said that he was going to be the first to “put The Undertaker down at Wrestlemania.” How can he be the face in this situation going against a legend and fan favorite in the Dead Man? Well, he hinted at a heel turn when he said the WWE ring was his house and his yard! Doesn’t sound like something a face would say. Could this be the heel turn many fans have been looking for? Oh, and by the way, The Undertaker interrupts and does Undertaker things and makes it sound like he’ll kill Roman. Scary stuff.

Roman Reigns Turning Heel?

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